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 Volunteers needed!
ukscifiAbout this site.

UKScifi has been around since September 1991 in one form or another. We used to be a team of people who were / still are passionate about Scifi / Fantasy on TV, Books and Video games.

Now it's just me. X-Seti.

I will admit I do not have the time I once had for this site as I have ME/CFS and life is getting a little bit harder each day and more so over the winter period. I also run another project thats completely set aside from this site where I teach people how to computer 3D model and make their own video game maps and show how game engines work.

I am looking for people who can write stories, news articles and help administrate the servers such as the portal, Web and IRC. I have closed the old style mid 90's BBS server boards powered by the Commodore Amiga as the demand for old tech has declined.

I would like to see a revival in Scifi on TV as this can inspire people to think out out of the box as it did me when I studied my computer science. I would never have had the interest if it wasn't for Star Trek The Next Generation and Stargate.

I would like to update the existing servers and services and I am looking for people with ideas on how to best do this so UKScifi can make a come back and survive on the web for another 10 maybe 20 years.

I have never made a profit from this site and maybe never will as it has always been a non-profit community group, but we all live in different and more expensive times where server costs are a lot higher then 10 years ago. I am looking for a way for this site to be able to pay it's own way.

Posted by Z Wednesday, July 08, 2015 (12:06:03)

 Test test
C3-POTest stuff here.. might have this fixed.


Note: Test stuff here.. might have this fixed. Twiddle-Twoddle-Twat
Read More... (67 Bytes) |
Posted by Z Saturday, April 30, 2016 (19:52:04)

 The Space Opera Society.
Space Opera SocietyHello, Just Looking around the web today at what little Scifi offerings exist on TV nowdays, There has been a lack of anything of interest for this site for ages. Today I came across S.O.S.

Quote; What is SOS? The Space Opera Society.

S.O.S. is a not-for-profit independent production facility that brings together writers, special effects wizards, and other creative talent from some of the most recognizable and respected Science Fiction franchises, including Stargate, Space:1999, Battlestar Galactica (2005), and Star Trek. Their mission: to create projects that will rejuvenate the Space Opera genre and deliver the best content conceivable directly to viewers.

The Space Opera Society is the destination for any and all who seek fresh and dramatic storytelling set in outer space. Employing today’s cutting edge technologies and content-providing platforms, and with an eye ever aimed toward tomorrow, the Space Opera Society will become your home to watch, participate, discuss, and be entertained.

Read more head here;!about/c66t

Posted by Z Friday, October 31, 2014 (16:42:58)

 MGM, Warner Bros Reboot ‘Stargate’
StarGateMGM and Warner Bros. announced they are teaming with Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin to create a re-imagined trilogy based on the sci-fi hit Stargate, one of the biggest titles in the MGM library. Emmerich, who directed and co-wrote the original film with Devlin, is on board to direct this one, with Devlin producing. Those two are already hard at work on a new version of Independence Day at Fox.

MGM’s Gary Barber called Emmerich and Devlin “world-class creators of the original Stargate,” and said they will “bring their reinvigorated vision of this wildly popular property to audiences of multiple generations.”

Emmerich and Devlin: “The Stargate universe is one that we missed terribly, and we cannot wait to get going on imagining new adventures and situations for the trilogy. This story is very close to our hearts, and getting the chance to revisit this world is in many ways like a long lost child that has found its way back home.” MGM’s Jonathan Glickman will oversee it with Warner Bros’ Greg Silverman. Warners will distribute with MGM handling some international territories. Back in its day, Stargate set the record for highest October gross and did near $200 million in global ticket sales. It went on to have a very successful run as a syndicated TV series.

Original Source;

Posted by Z Friday, May 30, 2014 (09:17:16)

 Heroes Reborn
HeroesRebornNBC's sci-fi series Heroes is being revived as a 13-episode limited series, with creator Tim Kring back at the helm but a new cast of characters and a self-contained storyline that's "shrouded in secrecy."

The series, which aired from 2006-2010, will return in 2015 as Heroes Reborn, NBC Entertainment president Jennifer Salke announced Saturday, adding that some former cast members might "pop" back in for cameos. The characters and plots will be introduced in a digital series that will precede the TV premiere.

Heroes was a big hit in its first season, averaging 14.5 million viewers, but ratings declined sharply afterward as some fans began to sour on its heavily serialized story about a group of people with superpowers.

Kring went on to create Touch, a Fox drama that marked star Kiefer Sutherland's return about two years after 24 ended. But the show faded quickly and was canceled after two seasons. Heroes Reborn joins 24: Live Another Day, due in May, as the latest canceled series to get a limited-run revival.

in a statement, Salke said: "The enormous impact Heroes had on the television landscape when it first launched in 2006 was eye-opening. Shows with that kind of resonance don't come around often and we thought it was time for another installment. We're thrilled that visionary creator Tim Kring was as excited about jumping back into this show as we were and we look forward to all the new textures and layers Tim plans to add to his original concept. Until we get closer to air in 2015, the show will be appropriately shrouded in secrecy, but we won't rule out the possibility of some of the show's original cast members popping back in."


Edit: updates

Coleman, who played former company agent Noah Bennett on the 2006 series, has signed on to reprise the role. Showrunner Tim Kring is also set to return for the 13-episode series, which will premiere in 2015.

Many of the original stars including Zachary Quinto and Milo Ventimiglia are also rumoured to be returning, though no official announcements have been made.

An online prequel leading up to the television broadcast has also been announced by NBC.

Posted by X-Seti Monday, May 05, 2014 (12:02:27)

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